Christian Grey versus Edward Cullen: who is more redeemable?-II

so in my previous article, i talked about how christian grey was delineated from the ashes of Edward Cullen, an in many ways more humanely better constructed to be called the staple romantic genre’s “damaged” hero. i want to put ‘hero’ in quotes too.      he is not a  romantic hero, he is just a man and that to a disturbed one. if anyone wants to tag romance in this , they should attach it it with it’s old definition with “Transformation” as the central theme, for example,original Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw as opposed to My Fair Lady.  

Gathering her in my arms, I lower us to the floor with Ana on top of me, both of us facing the ceiling. She’s utterly relaxed, exhausted no doubt; her weight a welcome comfort. I stare up at the karabiners, wondering if she’ll ever let me suspend her.

Probably not.
And I don’t care.- E l James, Grey
this is the crux of the matter. the actual text evidence i use when i look for clues that christian grey , in essence , can be redeemed or more practically taught better if given a chance ( and plenty of therapy and counselling). the concern that readers should get bad impression of BDSM and how relationship should be from this book is rested on the argument that they put christian on a pedestal of ideal romance . this could be a concern if weren’t for the fact that astute readers are aware that christian’s behavior is a taught on and it mirrors on how a an abuser would operate his relation: in control and discrete.
but here is the catch word: taught. the one who actually taught BDSM to a young teenager christian was, obviously, looking forward to not getting caught. what more could she ask for when the one she wants is in ripe condition mentally to believe whatever you lies she feeds him?
it is already known christian always felt grateful that Elena took control of his life and “saved him” from making bad decision. if that is true then, offering harsh sex in exchange for control will also entail in such situation that he must not question her motives. Elena Lincoln effectively feeds him lies. to convince him that it is he who is making choice, she never verbally states her desires but gives him breadcrumbs to follow.

She slapped me so hard.” Unconsciously, his hand moves to his face and he caresses his cheek, his eyes clouding at the memory. Holy shit!

“But then she kissed me. And when she finished, she slapped me again.” He blinks, seemingly still confounded even after all this time. “

this gives her an effective and permanent opening. she feeds him her lies which includes isolating him from his family, preying on his self-loathing to sexually and corporeally punish him for her sadistic pleasure, and convincing him that this what working for him and will work for him in the future while in reality giving him no real opening to test this theory( she volunteers as his first submissive and procures future submissives for him as well-we all know hat will that entail) .  in return, christian believes her and adores her advice, after all she stopped him from following a path ostensibly similar to that of his biological mother. in the same process, she effectively blames him and erodes his self-worth: she repeatedly tells him he was a slave to his rage and lust and hence was destined for self-destruction and ONLY her intervention saved him and hence , he should always be grateful-a classic technique by which abusers prey and brainwash on their victim.
years later and still in friendship with Elena, Christian meets anastasia and this arrangement of theirs start to unravel
  • Christian , for the first time, goes out of Elena’s influence to find his partner
  • Anastasia’s inexperience both sexually and relationship wise, ensures that each and every knowledge and intention Christian has about his lifestyle is questioned and challenged by someone. i mean an experienced BDSM submissive influenced and vetoed by elena would be having fun with the BDSM “punishments” christian makes up but only an inexperienced in this lifestyle or who is not into time negotiated slave arrangement will notice, christian does punishment with intents other than that of sexual gratification. the belt-hitting scene is the ultimate climax of this discovery.
  • nothing much happens in fifty shades freed except for we get this important scene in this series which is the pen-ultimate climax moment of this trilogy.
    “I would offer you my heartfelt congratulations, but I think that would be inappropriate .” Her piercing cold blue eyes stare frostily into mine, filled with loathing.
    “I neither need nor want your congratulations, Elena. I’m surprised and disappointed to see you here.” She arches an eyebrow. I think she’s impressed.
    “I wouldn’t have thought of you as a worthy adversary, Anastasia. But you surprise me at every turn.” “I haven’t thought of you at all,” I lie, coolly. Christian would be proud. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have much better things to do than waste my time with you.”
    “Not so fast, missy,” she hisses, leaning against the door, effectively blocking it. “What on earth do you think you’re doing, consenting to marry Christian? If you think for one minute you can make him happy, you’re very much mistaken.”
    “What I’m consenting to do with Christian is none of your concern.” I smile with sarcastic sweetness.she ignores me.


but the fact that christian broke their ties is enough that an teenage turned adult will magically stop all those things he learned about his sexuality and his coping mechanism? realistically it is not possible and even in this book, however magically short lived it was, the struggle period of the after effects still lingers over the course of time . the idea of controlling the safety of people he loves, his anger at his birth mother and his sexual choices are tied in a knotty ball in this trilogy. but the main antagonist to the romance at the moment here, is the influence of Elena.

Christian uses BDSM as a means to be abusive or “to take control” of a situation when he feels they are unraveling. he feels that if only he controls, then he and the ones he loves will be safe.  fifty shades freed   chapter 11 is the best example when  Elena’s influence and sexual brainwash collides head-on with Christian’s own desires and inclination when it comes to relationships and coping with people outside he could influence, mainly his sexual partners-Ana here.[ i am going to give as much quote as possible without altering the context , however, i would prefer if chapter 11 as a whole will be read instead]

“Playroom,” he murmurs. Oh—I don’t know if that’s a good idea. “You up for the challenge?” he asks. And because he’s used the word challenge, I can’t say no. “Bring it on,” I murmur, desire and something that I don’t want to name thrum through my body.

-note that anastasia is not made aware that she is being proceeded for punishment.

“Ah,” I groan while Christian’s fingers continue to move inside me. I’m close . . . all this stimulation . . . Tilting my head back, I moan loudly and Christian stills his fingers. All sensation stops. “No! Christian,” I plead, trying to thrust my hips forward for some friction. “Still, baby,” he says while my impending orgasm melts away. He leans for- ward once more and kisses me. “Frustrating, isn’t it?” he murmurs

Oh no! Suddenly I understand his game. “Christian, please.” “Hush,” he says and kisses me.
“Each time I stop, it feels more intense when I start again. Right?”
“Please,” I whimper. My nerve endings are screaming for release. The buzzing stops and Christian kisses me. He runs his nose down mine.
“You are the most frustrating woman I have ever met.” No, No, No.
“Christian, I never promised to obey you. Please, please—”
He moves in front of me, grabs my behind and pushes his hips against me, making me gasp—his groin rubbing into mine, the buttons of his jeans pressing into me, barely containing his erection. With one hand he pulls off the blindfold and grasps my chin, and I blink up into his scorching eyes.
“You drive me crazy,” he whispers,
–a classic abusive technique. taking your frustration on someone else. and guess who taught this to christian by using it in a BDSM scene? of course!my theory is that Elena used to punish Christian by “his preferred”method of harsh caning to stop his bouts of sliding back to drinking and rage habits back then. if it was effective for him then, why won’t it will be the same for his wife?, christian might think.–
“Why did you do that?” My voice is barely audible as I try to process my scrambled thoughts and feelings. He shakes his head sadly and closes his eyes. “I got lost in the moment,” he says unconvincingly. I frown at him, and he sighs. “Ana, orgasm denial is a standard tool in—You never—” He stops.

“So you are punishing me?” He swallows, then closes his eyes. He doesn’t have to answer, and I know that punishing me was his exact intention. “You have to stop doing this,” I murmur. His brow furrows. “For a start, you only end up feeling shittier about yourself.” He snorts. “That’s true,” he mutters. “I don’t like to see you like this.” “And I don’t like feeling like this. You said on the Fair Lady that you hadn’t married

a submissive.” “I know. I know.” His voice is soft and raw. page 241

so, there its is. christian’s abusive behavior in a nut-shell. he believes in one thing and does something else entirely because there is someone who is there to question him and challenge him to do so.this contradictory behavior can be be used to justify even that it is also done by many abusers of domestic, sexual and mental variety to ensnare their victim and they are correct but there lies a difference of intent: an abuser knows he is wrong and justifies it anyway but this character christian grey is just a newly disillusioned victim who is just discovering the extent of the damage done to his sexual and psychological trauma.
in conclusion we only have one small hope that there is a better conclusion for this story other than the condensed version of breaking-dawn  E L James wrote.

“Mrs. Robinson could touch you.” I murmur the words before my brain registers what I’ve said. Shit. Why did I mention her?
He stills. His eyes widen with his oh-no-where’s-she-going-with-this expression. “That was different,” he whispers.
Suddenly I want to know. “Good different or bad different?” He gazes at me. Doubt and possibly pain flit across his face, and fleetingly he looks like a man drowning. “Bad, I think.”
His words are barely audible. Holy shit!
“I thought you liked it.”
“I did. At the time.”

“Not now?” He gazes at me, eyes wide, then slowly shakes his head. Oh my . . .

therefore my opinion is, christian is too brainwashed to be considered a an abuser and too adult to be considered an innocent perpetrator.he is an in-between.
{ my last two rupee though: really e l james?? your abused hero has such a tremendous breakthrough and all you could write “Oh my”??????? aghhhh!}




  1. praful kumar jha · January 21, 2017


    Came across your blog through Quora.. And I am amaged the way you write. You have a big repository of knowledge.. 🙂
    Though I cannot connect/know most of the stuff you write, still I will keep checking your writings. I really adore your writing skills. 🙂
    Please keep writing. Hope to hear more from you 🙂


  2. praful kumar jha · January 21, 2017

    plus you seem to be a GOT fan , so high five 😛


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