Renly Baratheon and Loras Tyrell-or should we say Edward II and Gaveston?

while doing drama section of my part-II section of Calcutta university, i had Christopher’s Marlowe’s scandalous ( of his time) copy of Edward the second to write five major critical essays for my yearly exam and i thought “ it feels like i saw something similar in game of thrones! lol”

i guess my mind finally deigned to make that connection 1 year later. oh no!

Gaveston is introduced to us in this 1594 play as vagrant, flamboyant favorite of the newly crowned Edward the second whose sole aim right now is to “ be the favorit of a king[?]” , to impress him with expensive masques and shows and basically employ boys to show their parts which “men enjoy” and to “draw the plaint king”, so that he could climb the social ladder and then has affair with the king’s niece. whereas, the poor Edward battles the wrath of his barons and snubs his increasingly despondent queen Isabella( thanks again to Gaveston’s rumors which he spreads through the king’s protection) all for his love for Gaveston. basically he is a blackguard whose love caused a good king’s horrific and tragic end in Marlowe’s play and then he himself dies at the hands of those homophobic , snobby barons.

these gems!:

My father is deceast, come Gaveston,’
‘And share the kingdom with thy deerest friend.
Ah words that make me surfet with delight:
What greater blisse can hap to Gaveston,
Then live and be the favorit of a king?
Sweete prince I come, these these thy amorous lines,
Might have enforst me to have swum from France,
And like Leander gaspt upon the sande,
So thou wouldst smile and take me in thy armes
.”- act 1 scene i

and then…:

Tis like enough, for since he was exild,
She neither walkes abroad, nor comes in sight:
But I had thought the match had beene broke off,
And that his banishment had changd her minde.

Our Ladies first love is not wavering,
My life for thine she will have Gaveston.- act 2 scene i 

so much for true love!

then we have this flowery Renly ‘knight of THE flowers” (whatever that supposed to mean) who goads Renly “not-traumatized-by-parent’s-death” Baratheon to be a good king over and over by the power of blow-job sorcery. Renly the good and naive then breaks every succession law on land makes a bid for the iron throne and dies at the shadow-hand of Stannis and Melisandre’s evil shadow baby. but how to show that Renly was so not worth this horrific end?? how to overcome GRRM’s timeline in which rely dies before his “ Gaveston”?oh of course! make him a dumb, whiny, lace-loving stereotype who eye-fucks Oberyn and gives his feather bed plenty of exercise with Olyver. then make him a prisoner of faith Taliban( thank you @wendynerdwrites for the term). he would probably die because of some homophobic, snobby religious people now.  yay! problem solved, DAN and DAVID successfully adapted Marlowe’s not so famous play and nobody sniffed it.

freakin’ liars, cannot even make an original disaster.

P.S: cover photo of the play is taken from


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